What is Methane?

Methane is an odourless, colourless and flammable gas that can be produced naturally and synthetically. Methane is the main component of natural gas and is used for heat and electricity around the world. It is also used in chemical reactions to produce other gasses like hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Methane is also a significant contributor to climate change. It is a type of greenhouse gas that plays a factor in the weakening of the ozone layer.

Picker Trucks at 24/7 Compression

Picker trucks go by many names, such as knuckle boom cranes, loader cranes or folding boom cranes. Picker trucks are one of the most adaptable mobile cranes. This is how 24/7 Compression utilizes its picker trucks.

As the world tries to make its way to greener energy use, many countries are now using Natural Gas to generate electricity more cleanly than other fossil fuels. According to SoCalGas, 92% of the natural gas is delivered as energy after transmission, which means that only 8% is energy lost.