CAT 3600 Ready

24/7 Compression Ltd. introduces a specialized exchange remanufactured engine program focused on the Caterpillar G3608TA, G3612TA, and G3616TA Adem 3 lines of gas compression engines. This program, designed for businesses in Alberta and BC, combines reliability and efficiency with an unwavering commitment to quality. It offers a strategic solution for industries relying on specific Caterpillar (Cat) engine models, emphasizing rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. 

Here, we share details of how this program achieves these critical objectives and the specific benefits it offers. 

Natural Gas Gauges - he Future of Industrial Generator Fuel: Shifting Towards Natural Gas

Industrial generators are increasingly using natural gas as their preferred fuel source. With the mounting emphasis on operational efficiency and eco-friendliness, natural gas stands out as a viable and sustainable choice. Here, we dive into why natural gas is the future of industrial generator fuel.  

Industrial Generator

Now more than ever, businesses must find ways to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. One technology that is gaining traction in industrial power generation is cogeneration. Here, we explain what it is, why it's a beneficial addition to industrial generators and its potential impact on the future of power generation.