Compressing methane (natural gas) is an important step in production and delivery. Learn all about how to safely compress methane gas below. 

What is Methane?

Methane is an odourless, colourless and flammable gas that can be produced naturally and synthetically. Methane is the main component of natural gas and is used for heat and electricity around the world. It is also used in chemical reactions to produce other gasses like hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Methane is also a significant contributor to climate change. It is a type of greenhouse gas that plays a factor in the weakening of the ozone layer.

Where do you find Methane?

Methane can be produced through chemical reactions when organic matter decomposes in low-oxygen environments like swamps. As plants die and sink to the bottom of these swamps, bacteria break them down. Thus, wetlands are a large natural contributor to methane gasses. 

Methane is also found underground in fossil fuel deposits that have been subjected to high pressure and temperatures over millions of years. Methane is extremely hard to transport since, at normal temperatures, it is in gas form. Usually, Methane is transported by bulk using pipelines. Compressing this natural gas allows it to be used as fuel for vehicles, also considered more environmentally friendly than other types of fuels. 

So what is the safest way to transport and compress this gas?

Lower the temperature of the tank to compress the methane gas. When temperatures are near absolute zero, methane gas can turn into liquid form. First, connect a compressor to the tank that is filled with methane gas. This container will also need to be connected to a liquid nitrogen tank with the pipeline. When all the Methane has entered the liquid nitrogen tank, cool the gas in this tank for at least two days. Then, turn on the compressor and let it compress the Methane. Eventually, the Methane will compress and form at the bottom of the tank. 

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