So you have a new generator, and you aren't sure if it is ready for a steady workload. Like any engine, generators require preparation before they can be used regularly. Breaking in a generator helps prolong the life of your equipment.

So What is Breaking in a Generator?

When you break in a generator engine, you ensure that the pistons and rings in the engine wear grooves into the chamber's walls. Then, allowing oil to lubricate these components every time the generator is running correctly. 

In general, it refers to letting your generator run and changing its oil a few times. We do this so that the oil can travel through parts to make them more active and gives the engine a smoother performance. Thus decreasing the possibility of any parts breaking inside the engine.


How to Break in a Generator

The most crucial step is to read the manufacturer's instruction manual. I know everyone says to read the instructions, and most people don't, but this is very important. The owner's manual can provide specific information about your particular generator, like what type of oil it needs, frequency of oil changes, and recommended fuel. Make sure to read this manual. You don't want to do anything that could lead to voiding the warranty.

You'll need to gather a few items to break in the generator. First, make sure you have gasoline; check what type of gasoline the manual has recommended. If there is none, try to get the best quality gasoline, one with the highest octane. The second item will be oil. Again, refer back to the manual for what the manufacturer recommends. Next, you will need oil conditioner; this will help reduce dry starts, which are detrimental to engines. And finally, a funnel to help you pour in the liquids quickly and mess-free. 

Next, it is essential to fill your oil reservoir. Before all this, it is a good idea to remove the spark plug and pour the oil conditioner into the spark plug chamber. Now, fill the oil reservoir with the recommended oil. Then add the recommended amount of fuel if the first pull doesn't start your engine. Do not panic. It may need a few tries before getting it running. Once started, let the generator run for one hour with no load. Drain the oil and filter out all metal fragments from the engine when you're done running it.

Repeat this a couple more times, and each time pour some oil conditioner before pouring in the oil. After draining the oil for the second time, you can add a 500 watt load during the final run.

You have now successfully broken in your generator! Never neglect regular maintenance. Ensure you are properly maintaining your generator to prolong its life. 

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