When working with natural gas compression and similar equipment, it is inevitable to produce methane emissions. In addition, the growing production and utilization of natural gas in Canada has undoubtedly increased methane production.

What Exactly Is Methane?

Methane is a colourless, highly flammable gas. The primary usage of methane gas is everything we need that requires natural gas; this includes cooking and heating. For industrial companies, it is used to produce plastic, fertilizers and more.

Consequently, methane is a primary contributor to hazardous air pollutants and potent greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases trap and hold the heat in the atmosphere, which warms the Earth's surface. You may also know this as Global Warming. That said, natural gas burns much cleaner as long as it's contained. That means fewer harmful emissions overall than diesel or gasoline. 

Cleaner Natural Gas Conversions

Though eliminating methane emissions isn't possible, at 24/7 Compression, we are committed to providing greener solutions. After extensive job creation, roughly 15,000 person-hours, we're proud to have finished converting 25 Waukesha L7042GL lean burn technology engines to the new Waukesha L7044GSIS5 with catalyst miller cycle technology.




Post S5

With methane abetment and emission reduction being the key focus point on this project, completing this was a great success and will positively impact our environment! Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint, but other benefits include a reduction in tier tax, additional HP, and having robust and reliable equipment.

Notable Emission Reductions

After the engine conversion, we reduced the total CO2e equal to 26,820 tonnes CO2e/year. This is the same as taking 8217 passenger cars off the road, the same as 17,933 homes' electricity use for one year! If this isn't huge, then we don't know what is.

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