Over the last few years, there has been an increase in demand for clean energy sources. Natural gas power generation is a good choice for many industries looking for an efficient primary or backup source of power that is more environmentally friendly than traditional fuels. But what are the main advantages of this type of power generation, and is it a suitable solution for your industry?

Why You Should Consider Choosing Natural Gas Power Generator 

Natural gas power generators are a preferred solution for many industries focused on efficiency for their power generation needs. These generators run on natural gas instead of the typical choices, like gasoline or diesel. Natural gas power generators are cost-effective and efficient to operate, and they are also better for the environment, especially when compared to fossil fuels.

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What Types of Natural Gas Generators Are There?

There are two main types of natural gas power generators, and each of them has its advantages.

Prime Natural Gas Power Generators

Prime natural gas power generators serve many different industries as a reliable source of power for locations which are off the main power grid. Prime power generators can handle larger loads than backup generators and have a longer running time.

Continuous power generators are a subset of prime power generating sets. They have similar functions, but the main difference is that continuous generator sets are meant to run continually with a consistent load, whereas prime generators can be built to run for long periods at variable loads.

Standby Natural Gas Power Generators

Standby generators provide backup power for residential, commercial and industrial properties. They are permanently installed and fueled by the local utility company for use during a power outage. Standby natural gas power generators are intended to run for a limited time. Running a standby generator for more than its prescribed time can cause malfunctions and more frequent repairs since it is only meant to operate during emergency periods.

Natural gas generators are a safe and reliable choice for standby power. Outages are very rare with these generators since natural gas pipes are placed underground and far from any extreme weather or other hazards that can affect them.

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Natural Gas Power Generators Applications

Natural gas power generators are used in many different sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial facilities such as office buildings, resorts, shopping centres, universities, data centers, hospitals, etc.

  • Landfills.

  • Greenhouse facilities.

  • Wastewater treatment plants.

  • Coal mines.

  • Agriculture and food processing, and more!

What Are the Main Advantages of Natural Gas Power Generators? 

Natural gas power generators are an efficient way to generate power for both emergency and portable use. Let's take a look at the main advantages of natural gas power generators.

  • Natural gas is a cleaner and less expensive energy source compared to other fossil fuels.

  • Natural gas power generation is highly efficient.

  • Natural gas is considered to be cleaner than other fuels, and it has lower emissions of sulfur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in comparison with oil and coal.

  • Unlike generators powered by oil or diesel, there are no unpleasant odours.

  • Natural gas doesn't need to be stored, unlike diesel.

What Are the Disadvantages of Natural Gas Power Generators? 

One of the main advantages of natural gas can also be perceived as its disadvantage – even though natural gas doesn't need to be stored, these generators are prone to disruption during periods of calamity since the supply could simply stop coming in from the pipeline. This could put your company at risk of not having fuel for the generator to run in emergency situations.

Natural gas is also extremely explosive and raises a serious fire hazard.

Pros and Cons of Natural Gas When Compared to Diesel

The natural gas standby generators have many applications, from hospitals to greenhouse facilities. They are the closest rival to the diesel power generators, so let's compare the two and learn more about their advantages:

  • While diesel is only good for about 24 hours in storage, natural gas generators don't need to be refilled, which cuts the costs related to fuel storage.

  • Natural gas power generators are usually less expensive to buy, with natural gas being a cheaper fuel than diesel. The costs for installation, though, can be higher, as well as the need for maintenance.

  • Diesel is far less flammable than natural gas, so it would be the better choice for your industry in terms of safety.

  • Natural gas and diesel power generators can start in cold conditions, but diesel is not well-suited for wet conditions. Diesel generators also raise the risk of "wet stacking," which is the term for unburned fuel entering the exhaust system due to running below its designed operating temperature for an extended period of time. Natural gas power generators don't have this issue.

  • Even though natural gas generators burn cleanly and produce minimal waste, diesel is still more efficient, providing more power when compared to a similar amount of gas.

  • Natural gas generators produce less noise pollution and create less environmental damage than diesel generators.

Natural gas generators are a more environmentally friendly option because of their lower carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful pollutants. Their efficiency and cost are benefits that may be critical factors for choosing a power generation system for your business. 24/7 Compression can help you make the right choice of power generator for your company. So give us a call today, and let's discuss your company needs and the power generation solutions that we can offer!