CAT 3600 Ready

24/7 Compression Ltd. introduces a specialized exchange remanufactured engine program focused on the Caterpillar G3608TA, G3612TA, and G3616TA Adem 3 lines of gas compression engines. This program, designed for businesses in Alberta and BC, combines reliability and efficiency with an unwavering commitment to quality. It offers a strategic solution for industries relying on specific Caterpillar (Cat) engine models, emphasizing rapid deployment, cost-effectiveness, and environmental responsibility. 

Here, we share details of how this program achieves these critical objectives and the specific benefits it offers. 

First, What Is a Remanufactured (Reman) Engine? 

A reman engine, short for 'remanufactured engine,' is a pre-owned engine that has been completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned, and rebuilt with new or remanufactured parts to meet original manufacturer specifications. This process involves replacing or refurbishing all worn or outdated components and ensuring the engine performs as well as a new one.  

What Is Involved in the Exchange? 

The term 'exchange' in this context means that the remanufactured engine is often provided in exchange for the customer's used engine, which then goes through the same remanufacturing process for future use. This approach is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly, as it recycles existing engines and reduces waste. 

A Comprehensive Reman Process 

At the heart of 24/7 Compression's service is a thorough remanufacturing process conducted in a state-of-the-art OEM Caterpillar facility. This process includes: 

  • Full Warranty Coverage: Each engine and component comes with a 1-year warranty, covering all major aspects. 
  • Aggressive Turnaround Times: Understanding the cost of downtime, 24/7 Compression can turn around most 3600 engines within 6-10 days. 
  • Advanced Machining Services: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the engines are rebuilt to spec, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. 
  • Stock Availability: To minimize downtime, major components are stocked for immediate deployment in unit-down situations. 

What You Should Know About Cat Gas Compression Engines 

Caterpillar's gas compression engines are specialized power systems designed for the oil and gas industry. These engines are built to handle the rigorous demands of gas compression applications, ensuring reliable and high-performance operation.  

This makes the case for remanufacturing even stronger. By choosing remanufactured engines and parts, industries can leverage Caterpillar's advanced engineering in a more economical and sustainable way, maintaining high performance without the need for brand-new equipment. 

Cat Reman Parts and Procedures 

The Cat 3600 series engines, including models G3606A3, G3608A3, G3612A3, and G3616A3, undergo a rigorous overhaul process: 

  • Engine Block Inspection: Using a specialized inspection stand, each block is thoroughly checked for defects. 
  • Cat Reman Core Acceptance Criteria: All engine cores must be complete and match the supplied Cat engine in specifications. 
  • Critical Component Overhaul: Items such as prechambers, check valves, fuel control valves, oil pumps, and more are either remanufactured or replaced with new Caterpillar parts, depending on the component. 
  • Quality Control: Every component, including turbochargers, exhaust manifolds, and crankcases, is tested and inspected to ensure peak performance. 

Summary: Program Details and Technical Specifications 

  1. Engine Models: Cat G3608TA, G3612TA, G3616TA Adem 3 line engines. 
  2. Inventory Options: In-stock rebuilt engines, used core engines, and surplus blocks and crankshafts for the Cat 3600 Series. 
  3. Current Stock Component Inventory: 
    • G3608 Block (Part No. 2146056) 
    • G3608 Crankshaft (Part No. 2618847) 
    • G3616 Block (Part No. 2146058) 
    • G3616 Crankshaft (Part No. 3618849) 
    • G3616 Block (Part No. 2146060) 
    • G3616 Crankshaft (Part No. 3618851) 

Technical Benefits and Operational Impact 

The Cat 3600 Reman Engine Program by 24/7 Compression offers significant benefits in terms of reliability, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability. It is designed to minimize operational downtime while providing flexible, quality-assured, and accessible engine solutions for businesses. 

8 Benefits of our program include:  

  1. Improved Engine Reliability 
  2. Cost-Efficiency 
  3. Environmental Sustainability 
  4. Rapid Deployment 
  5. Customization and Flexibility 
  6. Quality Assurance 
  7. Warranty Coverage 
  8. Inventory Accessibility 

Additional Services  

The program also includes a range of mechanical services with competitive rates for regular and overtime work, specialty tool charges, and other essential support functions.' 

We offer a comprehensive range of mechanical services, including: 

  • Competitive Rates: Competitive hourly rates for regular and overtime work. Please chat with our team to learn more
  • Specialty Tool Charges: Access to advanced tools like Plane Flatness and Laser Aligner Tooling for specific jobs. 
  • Support Services: Including picker truck services with operator, mechanical helper rates, and other essential support functions. 

Customization and Specific Needs  

24/7 Compression can spec existing equipment and custom-build engines to precise requirements, depending on core availability and timelines. This ensures clients receive solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

Order an Engine or Schedule Your Swap Today to Guarantee Delivery 

24/7 Compression's Cat Reman Engine Program stands as a critical resource for industries in Northern Alberta and BC. With a focus on quality, quick turnaround, and customization, 24/7 Compression provides vital assets for your operational toolkit. 

Interested in learning more about our OEM CAT 3600 Reman Engines and the program? Read more information on the program in our OEM CAT 3600 Reman Engine documentation

For more information or to schedule a service, contact 24/7 Compression today at our offices in Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Edson, or Dawson Creek.